What Should You Stop Doing While Menstruating

Menstruating is a part of life, but it still raises questions. Here's what not to do when you're on your period

Ever wonder if there's anything you can't do when you're on your period? I guarantee that every woman has had a doubt like this at some stage in her life. The truth is that there are some things, yes, that you cannot do with your period, but they are not what you might think...

Take time to change the absorbent

If there's something you can't do while menstruating, it's forgetting that you're menstruating and not taking care of the time to change your pads. Doctors recommend staying a maximum of 4 hours with the same period pad - longer than that and you run the risk of leaks, infections or toxic shock syndrome (a serious infection that happens with the misuse of tampons). If your head isn't helping and you're forgetful, it's worth putting that alarm on your cell phone, okay?

Going to sleep afraid of menstruation leaking

Many times we even stop going on a trip or sleeping outside, because our cycle is intense and we are afraid of leaking menstruation at night. Look, there are already some menstruation pads made especially for the night period – they are comfortable, neutral and do not leak.


Confusing period with dirt

Another thing you can't do while menstruating is believing that menstruation is dirty, because it isn't. This means you should pay attention to your personal hygiene, take that nice shower, and always clean well between pad changes - with wet wipes - if you can. But no washing too much, nor washing inside the vagina (pass soap only on the vulva, which is the external part!). Wash it without rubbing, with delicacy and a good intimate soap that does not harm the skin. You're not dirty, you're just menstruating!

Stop doing something because of menstruation

Here's another thing you absolutely can't do: stop doing what you want! Our mothers and grandmothers often heard that they couldn't do things like wash their hair or go to the pool during menstruation, but this type of information has no scientific basis and is the result of a men’s culture. Thankfully, times have changed, so we made a point of listing things you can do when you're on your period:

  • Swim
  • Wear Jeans
  • Work out
  • Have Sex
  • Taking A Shower And Bath
  • Wash The Hair
  • To Cook


Ignore Period Cramps


There was a time you had to only accept the menstruation pain relieves by itself, or take some painkillers to get rid of the pain, but you don’t need to go through that again. Nowadays we have devices that reduce the period pain in instants and the best part: naturally! Stop putting pills inside you, the more naturally you get rid of pain, the better for your body.

Better than heating pads, the ovatune delivers gentle electrical impulses that stimulate the nerves, blocking pain signals that go to your brain.

And anything else you want. Let's break down the stigmas of menstruation! But don't forget: just do what's comfortable for you. If menstruation is uncomfortable and bothers you, be quiet and take care of yourself. Menstruating is a moment of care, affection and self-observation with yourself. Despite these tips, it is through menstruation that you learn that only you can determine what can and cannot be done. Your cycle, your rules!



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